Is Crypto Privacy A Human Right?

Financial privacy is a basic human right. It’s no secret that governments and corporations alike are constantly monitoring our transactions in an effort to control our actions and influence our choices.

Bitcoin mixing has been heavily criticized by some for allowing criminal activity to go undetected. However, the truth is that bitcoin mixing serves a critical role in protecting the individual’s right to financial privacy.

When we use traditional banking systems, it requires us to disclose sensitive information about ourselves such as social security numbers, addresses or bank account details every time we transact with individuals or companies online. This makes it easy for third parties like banks and government agencies to monitor our behavior and track what we do with our money over time – this can lead to identity theft, stalking from ex-partners or abusive family members if they have access without obtaining consent beforehand which only further exposes vulnerable populations’ safety concerns making them more susceptible while trying not be seen due their unique situations

On the other hand Bitcoin allows transactions without disclosing personally identifiable information; however anonymity may still be compromised because of public blockchain transparency meaning anyone can see any transaction happening on the network regardless of who initiated it. This leads many people to be hesitant towards using cryptocurrencies at all, even though everyone could benefit greatly from its services, since they completely anonymize your Bitcoin.